Telemedicine Instructions

We are pleased to announce that we now offer telemedicine visits through Anytime Pediatrics. You can access their Anytime Pediatrics portal online or through their app on your phone or tablet.

All telemedicine appointments must be scheduled through our front desk. We will be collecting the copay at that time.

To get started first visit and create a free account. They will ask you your name and contact information as well as your provider. When prompted you must enter our code 2446 in order to be linked to us.

You can then create a profile for your child including their date of birth, allergies and current medications. You are able to upload pictures that you may think are useful for the visit. Don’t forget to click “submit”.

At the time of the visit log in and wait in the virtual waiting room for your appointment to start.

Tips for a successful telemedicine visit:

•  Take your child’s temperature and weigh them prior to the visit.

•  Take pictures of your child’s throat to upload prior to the visit. If your child has a rash take pictures of that as well.

•  Have your child with you in a well-lit room that is free from distractions. Keep a flashlight or other light source on hand to shine in their throat.

•  The doctor may ask you to assist with the exam such as pointing out a rash or having your child say “Ahh”.