Tips About Flu Vaccines

Tips About Flu Vaccines

Every year, doctors tell patients to get their flu shot. People may not realize it, but this tiny needle is one of your best health allies. A single shot can help keep your heart healthy, protect everyone around you and even help prevent your newborn baby from getting sick.

You Can’t Get the Flu From The Shot

You may have heard a friend tell you they got the shot and then got really sick from the flu. This is impossible. The flu shot is made from a dead virus. The virus produces an immune response that can protect you from getting sick. The shot can not give you any form of influenza.

A Flu Shot Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

An annual dose of the flu vaccine not only helps ward off the flu. It may also lower your risk of getting a heart attack or a stroke. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found those who were vaccinated decreased their risk of an adverse heart related problem by a third. If you or your child has an existing cardiac issue, the flu shot adds an extra layer of healthy protection.

You Can Spread Flu Even If You Feel Okay

The flu virus is pretty insidious. You might feel just fine and still have the virus in your system. About a quarter of all of those infected with the flu will have no symptoms. This is another reason why it’s important to get the vaccine as soon as the season starts. Even if you don’t feel sick, you can still spread the disease to others. When you get the shot, you can stop the virus before it hurts the people you love.

It’s Worse Than a Bad Cold

While the flu and a common cold have many symptoms in common, the flu is far more dangerous. In general, unlike a cold the flu comes on quite abruptly. One hour you’re feeling fine. The next you’re chilly with a high fever and a nasty headache. A cold can make you feel unwell for a little while. The flu can send you to the hospital. It can also kill you even if you’re very healthy. Over two hundred thousand people are hospitalized each year because they got influenza. Each year, more than thirty thousand people in the United States alone die from the virus.

Flu Shots Are Particularly Important If You’re Pregnant

Whether you’re well into your third trimester or you think you might be pregnant, it’s a good idea to get the flu shot. Pregnant women are especially vulnerable. They’re more likely to get really sick. The flu virus can cause birth defects. Keep in mind infants under six months cannot be vaccinated. If you get the shot during your pregnancy, the antibodies you develop from the flu shot are passed to your unborn baby. They’ll also be in your breast milk. So you’re not only protecting yourself from the flu, you’re also protecting your child before and after it’s born.

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